- Jason and Louise Oliver, July 2015, 'Mr and Mrs Oliver, July 2015' post

- Jenni and Lee Beckhurst, July 2014 (Posts to follow)

-Rebecca and Jamie Carter, 'Vintage tea party wedding (preview)' post, May 2014 and 'Mr & Mrs Carter, Vintage Tea Party Wedding in Leicestershire' post, July 2014

Ash and Leanne Small, 'To future Brides' post and 'Another satisfied bride and groom' post, October 2013

Declan and Karen Sheridan, 'July Weddings' post, July 2013

Josh and Nadine Jones, 'July Weddings' post, July 2013

- Carl and Carla Gibson, 'Carl & Carla Gibson Wedding (Preview)' post, May 2012

- Gina, Diary of a Writer in Progress, April 2012

- Holly Sinclair, 'Neil and Holly's Wedding' posts, December 2011

- Emee Preece, 'Preece Wedding preview' post, November 2011

- Heidi Storer, 'Louie's Christening' post, May 2010, 'Louie (6 Months)' post, August 2010, 'Louie's 1st birthday' post, January 2011 and 'Louie' post, July 2011

- Rachael Betts, 'Charlie's Christening' post, July 2010

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