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Rachel, BA (Hons) of Rachel C Photography

26 years old, (extremely) happily married, mother to the most beautiful little baby girl and BA (Hons) graduate in Photography and Video, DeMontfort University 2013.

I first started 'taking photos' way back in 2006 after I received a Kodak digital camera for Christmas. This Kodak came everywhere with me, wherever I travelled in the world. It didn't really matter where I was or what I was photographing, as long as I could make it look beautiful and as long as it made me happy. I enveloped myself so much in my own little world of image making that I guess it became my lifeline.

Since then I have developed this welcomed talent into something that is now proving to be more than just a hobby- a passion, a full time career if I choose to take it that way.I come alive when I have a camera in my hands and I try to interpret this through my work. I believe anything and everything is beautiful through the lens of a camera.

I have experience in both America and England. I specialize in wedding, portrait and event photography.

Please contact me for further information or to ask any questions :) 

Also, take a look at my specialized pages for wedding and portrait photography for more information in these areas.

Shooting the rooftops, 2013

Rachel at work on a wedding shoot
(Image by Stephen Sinclair)


Cheryl A Flude said...

Rachel I have just been looking at your site. You are a fantastic photographer. Would you consider taking some pictures for my 40th birthday party in July?

Rachel said...

Hi Cheryl, just saw your message. Thank you, and yes I could do that for you, just let me know some details when you next see me or you can email me at