Thursday, 9 April 2015

Springtime before and after

Isn't it annoying when you really want to take the perfect picture of picture perfect new lambs but they're hidden behind unsightly wire fences and such? Ha! I had this problem today on a very warm and sunny springtime stroll. To one side of me was a nature reserve with hazy views over to the hills of North Wales and to the other side, fields filled with these beautiful creatures snoozing in the sunshine, or in the case of this little fellow, smiling for my camera! Below is my choice of images I took. Yeh, it's cute but it's spoiled by that ugly wire.

Helloo there photoshop!!!

As if by magic, we have a perfect picture of a picture perfect spring baby! In just a couple of simple steps, we can totally eliminate the wire fence from the image to reveal lamby in all his curly-coated glory! A couple of tweaks on the lighting and it is complete!

I love Photoshop!


Heidi-Elizabeth said...

You clever girl, you!

Mark Luice said...

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