Wednesday, 4 March 2015

730 days of beautiful chaos

730 days

17,520 hours

1,051,200 minutes

63,072,000 seconds

of pure, unmitigated chaos.

Time these last two years has never been hushed.

I can't eat without having little finger holes poked into my food.

My floors never stay crumb or toy free for more than 5 minutes.

Ditto with my clothes- fresh on today? Must be time for sticky fingerprints to decorate them then!

I can never just sit and hear quiet.

I haven't seen the bottom of my washing basket since the beginning of the above calculations.

I still haven't caught up on sleep I lost since the beginning of the above calculations.


I more often than not am accompanied to the bathroom. Nice.


I also never go an hour without a kiss or a cuddle.

I always have a little friend around me all day to keep me company.

I find myself with a little hand to hold throughout the day, just because.

I get to play dress up and do cute hairstyles.

I look into a striking pair of sky blue eyes and see total love.


I never have to worry about being bored!

Because although life is chaos, it is a beautiful, enriching and enlightening chaos that I can't help but rejoice in.

And it's all because of this one small, strong-willed, unyielding yet perfectly sweet, dainty, whirlwind of a girl!

Happy 2nd birthday to my dolly girl! Now bring on the potty training!!!

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Gwanny said...

How time flies and how she has grown. She is all those things you've said and more. She is such a beautiful bundle of fun. I love the August photo, I've not seen that one before. What a character. I love her to bits xxx