Saturday, 21 February 2015

My garden

I hate winter.

I'll elaborate.

I like the transitioning of the seasons. I like thinking about getting my cosy jumpers out and glugging hot chocolate.

I like the idea of 'the first snow of winter' and wait for it with eager anticipation.

I LOVE Christmastime. Everything from buying and decorating the tree to ringing in the new year, I'm up for. I embrace it all.

But once Christmas has been and gone, I am DONE. I seemingly overnight turn into a winter hating zombie.
I can't stand the cold.
I can't stand the dark.
I can't stand the endless news of 'arctic blasts' and 'deep freeze lasting a MONTH'.
I can't stand the millions of layers I have to wear just to keep warm- in the house.

And so this explains why I have failed to update- again- since my 2014 review post. I have been outside and 'done things'. But the dark days make me miserable and I am only just getting around to sorting through the few photos I have taken so far this year.

But I thought it fitting to start with my garden now, seeing as in my 2014 review post, I mentioned my beautiful house but never posted an image.

I love my garden. Skye loves it equally, but in very different ways. She likes to run laps around it while I like to stand and listen to the quiet. She likes to dig in the pebbles, filling up her bowls and cups, while I like to dig in the flowerbeds, filling them with bulbs.

And I am finally seeing the results of my bulb-planting in the Autumn, which makes me excited for Spring to arrive, and hopeful also for an early spring so I can stop moping around complaining of the cold!

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