Thursday, 20 November 2014

Grand gestures

I feel like sharing another of my wedding photos. It's not our anniversary, not a special occasion or anything.

I feel like sharing it because my husband is currently on his way home from 9 hours at work, ending at 11pm, as he does Monday-Friday, every week, and he is bringing home chocolate salted caramel cake that he bought on his lunch break, for me, as he did yesterday too.

The grand gestures that occur during courting and the engagement period have settled somewhat over our years of marriage, as they do, and little things have become the more frequent occurrence.

But yesterday, today, right now, this slice of delicious cake that is coming my way feels like a grand gesture- one of the grandest that could occur, in the world, ever.

I so look forward to him coming home every night because his hard work ethic and dedication to our little family is a constant reminder to me of how wonderfully things have worked out, how completely lucky I feel to have him as my husband. I feel lucky that he comes home every night to me, to our family.

The grand gestures may have dimmed, but that love evident from the very beginning still lights me up more and more every day.

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