Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Before and After

When I get bored (which is very rarely now since I became a mother), I like to play around with my editing software. There is nothing more satisfying to me as a photographer than going back through a set of images only to find a potentially fantastic image you had overlooked before. I say potentially as often, these images are underexposed, have something major distracting from the subject or are simply just 'adequate'. Looking back through allows me to see with fresh eyes and understand that with a little (or sometimes extensive) work, I can make it an image worthy of viewing.

So last week, I had a play, and last week, I found this image..

Yes, it's my wedding the time, I envisioned us standing upon the rugged rock, majestic sky behind us, veil blowing dramatically in the wind...then when we received our unedited photos, I remembered we were in residential Ewloe and not the isolated, undisturbed coast of the I put this image down to a 'spare' and one to just 'keep on disc', and anyway, the stupid planked fence thing in the foreground was a complete eyesore.

I opened this back up when I looked through my unedited images again and it suddenly clicked that all I needed to do was erase the fence to make this a much more 'acceptable', and maybe even usable photograph of us. I dismissed my previous idea of majestic ruggedness and focused on what the image was giving me instead- a pretty decent bride/groom portrait with a bit of a twist.

THANK YOU PHOTOHSHOP!! With some clever cloning and my usual tweaking, this image is now more than 'adequate', and probably one of my favourites of our day..

And just for a little variety, I cropped it too so I now have both landscape and portrait styles to choose from.

This is why I NEVER delete photos from shoots!

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