Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Rachel C Photography's 2013 review

Well, what a year this has been! I already gave the game away in my last year’s review post as to what would be going on with me this year, and answered my question a whole year early! Just to recap, last year I was a mother-to-be, so obviously this year the ‘to-be’ bit was over with and replaced with this very little bundle of joy..

In 2013 I am a mother. I am a mother to the most incredible, funny and determined little girl that was ever born. She’s also distinctively beautiful, which is obvious to everyone who sees her, friends and strangers alike. I always wanted to be a mum. I always thought that was why I was born, that was my reason for being. Which is true, partly. It is part of the reason for me being. But it is also made up of so much more, a lot of the other parts I have mentioned in previous year review posts-
In 2009, I was starting again, I had a positive outlook and believed anything could happen if I wanted it enough. In 2010, I accomplished my goal of becoming an established photographer. In 2011, I became a wife. In 2012, I anticipated the start of motherhood and in 2013, I became a mother. All these things together are the reason for me being.
I also have another reason to add to my list too. In 2013, I became a university graduate with an honours degree in photography and video- one of my all time greatest achievements and a very proud moment for me.

In regards to Rachel C Photography, my work load slowed down a lot since the birth of my daughter, but I have managed to fit in three beautiful wedding shoots, one newborn shoot and another trip to the highlands to photograph the rugged landscapes there. I have enjoyed documenting the first 10 months of my baby’s life in thousands (and thousands…) of photographs and have increased my photographic equipment to include GND filters, an ultra wide-angle 10-20mm landscape lens, a 35mm 1.8 lens and two amazing new DSLR’s, one of which has a full-frame sensor for ultimate image quality. And lastly, I have been training up my husband a little (he's brilliant!) and am excited for the adventures we're going to have as photography buddies!

As has become customary for each of my year review posts, here are my favourite images from each month of 2013:

2013 has definitely been my most favourite year yet. I feel a little reluctant to pose the same question for a fifth year running as I can’t believe there is anything more I could be. I am all I want to be and I have all I ever wanted. So this year, we’ll hold back any expectation and just see what may come our way!

Happy new year to all my followers, viewers, supporters and especially my 2013 brides and grooms!

I will include my selected favourite images from 2013 on my facebook page, with a few added extras too!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

London through a D600

A brand new camera means a trip to the capital for some test shooting! My full frame produces the most AMAZING picture quality. Here's just a few as I edit.

Big Ben, Parliament and London Eye

Resisting the fall in Green Park

The ladies of The Ritz

Tower Bridge

Sitting in Trafalgar Square

 Part of London's unique skyline

Westminster Underground

Trafalgar Square

More soon!