Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dead or Alive?

Some of you may have been wondering if I am actually dead or alive due to a significant lack of posts in the past few months...For that I do apologise and I assure you that I am very much alive, if not now more than ever! I hope to resume shooting and posting as often as is now possible in between completing my final year of university (woo!) and everyday life.

Anyway, back to dead or alive- On Christmas day 2010, I planted a little Christmas tree from seed, which I naively thought. 'next year I will be decorating it with tiny little tree hangings and glitter sprinkles!' I was so excited and couldn't wait for it to grow into a big, strong tree that I could soon use as my own family Christmas tree in years to come.
Me planting my little Christmas tree seeds

I then posted it's (very sloooooow) progress on my blog here (the ninth photo), when testing out my beautiful new lens in May this year. As you can see, it is lagging behind in my expectations a little!

Now, since then, 'little seedy', as he is affectionately known, may have been left for a few days over summer in a very hot room without any water while I was away, thus causing his most recent portrait to look like this:

He is rather shrivelled and, well, dead looking, but I refuse to believe he has met his end already. I am remaining hopeful that he has just turned with the seasons and is now showing a more mature, autumnal look- his woody countenance as a little pine tree should...
So now the question I ask all of you-

 Is my little seedy Dead or Alive?


Joanna Horne said...

My only hope is that he is alive as I was "seedy"-sitting over Summer and didn't realise he'd been tidied away into a very hot room without any water for a few days!

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

There you go! It needs sunlight and water every day. The same thing happened with my little tree - I dudn't water it for a few days and it started looking just like yours! I began watering it again and after a week it began growing again with fresh green shoots.