Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I have been absent from blogging for a little while. I think my priorities changed slightly in the last month. Rather than photographing every slight detail and carrying my camera around with me everywhere, I have sat back a little and captured things with my eyes rather than my DSLR. I am not having to photograph for anyone other than myself during summer, so it is completely my choice what I photograph, when I photograph and how many images I take.

Just as way of explanation, my husband and I are enjoying our summer before we go back to University in October, so we have based ourselves in Chester for a couple of months and visited lots of different places from there. We have been very busy this first month and are now taking some time out to relax and take it slowly for our second month here.

Have a look at what we've been up to in the last month-

1. Reaching the summit of Snowdon (NOT by train!)

2. Photographing my father-in-law for his weekly radio show

3. Enjoying sunshine in the garden

4. Eating our way through a number of delicious barbeques

5. Reaching the summit of the highest of the Berwyn mountains

 6. Taking a leisurely stroll through Delamere Forest in the gorgeous evening light,

whilst grabbing a quick few photos of my youngest brother-in-law.

7. Walking 2 miles through the winding country lanes to reach a beautiful quaint little village called 'Saighton'

8. Taking our fourth trip to Scotland in 12 months- first to the Isle of Skye with this tranquil 'Coral Beach',

and impressive views of the Cuillin Range,

and secondly back to Gairloch where we visited during our trip in June this year, with this isolated beach boasting orangey coloured sands and rugged coastlines.

It has definitely been a fun-filled month for us!

Wishing all my readers a fantastic summer!