Friday, 13 July 2012

My golden light

I've waited a long time to see my beloved golden light again.

My first breathtaking experience of golden light was waaaay back in September 2010, here, here and here.
I never thought I'd have any hope of experiencing it back in dull, grey England, however I stumbled upon this sighting quite by chance and have been left searching for it ever since.

So to my complete delight, during a jubilee week getaway to Gairloch, in the Highlands of Scotland, my eyes beheld this wondrous sight once again, and may I add, I believe it to be the most glorious of all!

My husband and I spent an unmeasured amount of time sitting on the edge of these rocks, waves lapping up against the ruggedness, looking out to sea and basking in the golden glow enveloping us.

My search no longer continues as I have found the place I know it will be (and want it to be), however my desire to be surrounded by golden light is still burning within me!

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joanna.horne said...

That's gorgeous golden light.