Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Before and After

Haven't done one of these recently!

With all the weddings happening in the last couple of months, (especially my brother's!) I was reminded of my own wedding day which prompted me to take a look back through my wedding photographs. My good friend Mick shot our wedding and gave me the memory card to edit all the photos I wanted. He did a great job and both myself and my husband love our photographs. 
We made sure we had lots of couple portraits done at the Preston Temple (where we were sealed together forever). The grounds at the Temple are extremely beautiful, very well kept and provide wonderful photography opportunities, however, there is always one thing in every place that can get in the way and spoil a potentially great photo. In our case, it is this metal rail along some pretty steps. It is simply in the way! I had previously overlooked this photo and considered it to be unusable. There is no other angle to have taken this photo to eliminate the rail being in the way. 
So what is to be done?

Aha! Once again, the wonders of Photoshop prove their worth!
Now I know it is not perfect, by no means do I consider myself a Photoshop expert- if you look really closely you can see slight remnants of where the rail used to be, however, it (along with parts of a white light stand positioned behind Peter) has magically vanished from view and made this photograph one that can now proudly be displayed! 

I honestly do not know how I managed in my days before Photoshop, in much the same way that I don't know how I existed in photography without my recent new lens!

I love that I LOVE photography :-)

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joanna.horne said...

Looks very good to my untrained eye. It's a lovely picture of you both.