Saturday, 30 June 2012

Gareth & Jaimie-lea's Wedding- The Reception

Gareth and Jaimie-lea followed their legal wedding ceremony by holding a happy, intimate reception of doughnuts, cakes and drinks, and of course, a yummy wedding cake, home made by one of Jaimie's friends.

 The sweetie trees definitely went down well with both children and adults!

Gareth and Jaimie had a great idea to ask their guests to write a message on a piece of material with fabric pens, which will later be made into a patchwork blanket for them.

After a while eating doughnuts, we headed off to the Preston LDS Temple for some bride and groom portraits and the most important part of the day :)

Thursday, 28 June 2012


I spotted these beautiful vintage looking flower boxes at Preston LDS Temple last Saturday. 
I am a little smitten with them!

Gareth & Jaimie-lea's Wedding- The Arrival

Nottingham LDS Stake Centre, Saturday 23 June 2012

My brother Gareth welcoming guests and waiting patiently for the arrival of his bride. He looks so handsome and happy!

First photo of Jaimie-lea as she arrived at the chapel

Jaimie-lea really wanted to get on the bus to her wedding, however her friends persuaded her to get in a car instead! Just as she arrived, the bus she was going to get on stopped right outside the chapel for a few seconds, just long enough to get this shot!

 Her face says it all :)

The happy couple, Mr & Mrs Horne

 Reception and Temple photos coming soon!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sunset at Big Sands, Gairloch

We were lucky to have this view from our tent for three days, until the campsite became over-crowded and others pitched right in front of us :/

Monday, 25 June 2012

Gareth & Jaimie-lea's Wedding! (Taster)

My big brother is married! I'm right in the middle of my editing process for all their lovely photographs so I'll share just a few on here for now. See more on my facebook page!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Amongst the treetops

Forest Walk in Ben Eighe national nature reserve, Scottish Highlands
This walk made for a refreshing change from our challenging and tiring mountain climb from the previous day. Just 3km in length and ascending to 100m, it provided us with a well needed rest whilst still viewing some beautiful landscape through the tops of the trees.

 Some fresh new growth on the fern plants forming heart shapes as it unfurls
Descending the short walk back down to ground level

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Catching up

I have had such a great few days! I have a huge backlog of work waiting to be posted on here though- I promise I will get up to date soon! From the landscapes of the Highlands, to wedding book previews, to more couple portraits- and another upcoming wedding shoot next weekend, I am definitely busy with regards to photography! I can honestly say I LOVE my job and I hope I am lucky enough to be doing this for many many years to come!
For now, one from today- or three, as they could not be anything but together in this set, it is my absolute most favourite set to date!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Some pre-wedding loveliness!

I took Gareth and Jaimie-lea on a pre-wedding shoot yesterday. I previously took their engagement photos back in March and now their wedding day is fast approaching! It was a beautiful day with a nice wind as you will see in some of the photos, and one of my favourite places to shoot at. These two are so comfortable around each other and so easy to photograph! I really like the very natural feel to these images, with only very little post-processing. When love is like this, you don't need to fake the beauty in the image, it oozes out naturally!
I asked Gareth and Jaimie a few questions to accompany these photos, to give a little insight into their feelings about their big day, and indeed, their imminent future together as husband and wife.

J- 'I knew he was 'the one' because I had never felt the spirit so strong in my life!'
G- ''She's 'the one' because she makes me feel so happy. I've never felt as happy with anyone else in the world.'

J- 'The thing I am looking forward to most is being with Gareth every day- praying and reading the scriptures together.'

G- 'I'm most looking forward to spending each day trying to find a new way to show her how much I love her.'

J- 'My favourite thing about Gareth is his eyes. I could get lost looking into them, they are so loving and beautiful!'

G- 'Her smile, it is so lovely and spreads across her face, I can really see how happy I make her.'

G- 'On our wedding day, I'm most looking forward to being sealed in the Temple and being able to be with Jaimie forever.'

J-'I'm most looking forward to being with Gareth in the Temple on our wedding day and knowing he is stuck with me for eternity!'

And lastly, some advice from them to anyone who is dating and other couples about to be married:

J- 'Don't see each other too much, it spoils the excitement you feel when you really look forward to a visit. Plus you don't argue much when you only just see enough of each other. Getting the balance is hard though, over exams when we spent three weeks apart, I was nearly in tears because I missed him so much.'

G- 'If you know she is the one, don't wait around, she could get away. Girls, if you like a guy, don't wait for him to notice you, we're shy sometimes. Take a leaf out of Jaimie's book, put in some effort yourself and look where it gets you!'

These two are great. I am so looking forward to attending their wedding in a matter of just days now, and also taking their wedding photographs. Good times ahead!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Big Sands

Big Sands, Gairloch

Golden sands, clear water, rugged coastline and tranquil colours.

This was the view from our tent for a few days until others pitched right in front of us, thanks to the Jubilee weekend!