Monday, 7 May 2012

New equipment!

Meet the newest addition to my ever expanding Nikon family, the beautiful 50mm AF-S f1.8:

I am completely, utterly, absolutely in LOVE with my new baby! And completely, utterly, absolutely in love with my husband for taking me into town today to buy him! Yes, him, not 'it', because he has become a very special part of me in just a matter of hours!
The rain stopped me from going outside to use him, not because I don't like rain, but because I can't bear to get even a speck on him yet, he's too new and precious! So I played with him inside instead. We had a lot of fun together, picking out items around my home and setting them up on the table against my bright white walls. I am astonished at how this little lens works. 'He' is truly going to transform the way I take photographs, and I am so excited!

I eventually ran out of 'things' to photograph, and still not willing to put my lens down yet, I set up my wedding day jewellery and shoes to create a quick still life shot. I need to work on my arranging a bit but I love the light and the softness my little lens creates!

I cannot wait to bust this amazing little lens out in upcoming shoots, and to play around with him outdoors once the weather clears up. I have been CRAVING this lens for such a long time, and after today I can say it was totally worth the wait!


Heidi Liz said...

Such a beautiful lens! I adore mine too, I really do!
I love the colours and everything about it! It is my 100% favourite and made getting a dSLR completely worth it!
Have fun with it and I can't wait to see more images, and get some more inspiration!

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Rach, can you explain what makes this lens so good and what sort of images it helps you create?

Rachel said...

Cheers Heidi!
Dunc, I sent you a message explaining how it works :)