Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April A-Z Blogging Challenge: X


I will admit I used a little online help with finding an appropriate X word to use! I hope I got this right because it is the best I could come up with! I guess this is why it's called a challenge!

The definition for Xeric is 'being deficient in moisture'. I know it most probably applies more to deserts and stuff but I'm using it to describe my picture of Eilean Donan Castle- We have apparently been going through a drought in places these last few months what with a couple of very dry winters, and I guess this is evidence of it. The loch is supposed to be surrounding the Castle, like a moat, however it is completely dried up and doesn't even reach the sides of the island, let alone flow through the bridges leading up to it.

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Karen Walker said...

I've been to that castle. It is magnificent. Great photo. Still making my way thru the challenge participants. Hi there.