Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April A-Z Blogging Challenge: W


I know it is now May and I should have finished this a couple of days ago but I had a rush to complete and hand in all my University work, so this took a back seat until that was done. Thankfully everything is handed in now and I can enjoy a nice long break until October :)

There are so many pretty waterfalls in Scotland. I am sure I have only seen a handful of them but I am astonished at their beauty. 

I spotted this waterfall at the side of the road opposite a viewpoint during my trip in September 2011. We went past it again last month when I captured these two images.

  Eas a' Bhradain, an impressive waterfall on the Isle of Skye

My husband climbed to the top and I joined him shortly after taking this photo

 The view from the top of Eas a' Bhradain, looking down at the little red dot that is my mum

Steall Falls, near Fort William. I visited here last year too

 My husband and I climbed up the lower part of the waterfall which was accessible due to the lack of water flowing at this time. These views were not visible from the road. 

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Joanna Horne said...

My favourite post as I LOVE waterfalls. These pictures are so beautiful. I loved sitting at the bottom of them while you climbed to the top. I could sit and watch a waterfall for hours.