Friday, 6 April 2012

A-Z Blogging Challenge: B

I am back again and ready to continue with my April A-Z Blogging Challenge! I have enjoyed the last few days in a very snowy (and very sunny at times) Scotland. I was going to use another subject for my B post, but after seeing what I saw this last week, I have decided to choose a different one! So here is my B Post:

*Bealach na Ba*
(Pass of the cattle)

Although only the third highest road in Britain, Bealach na Ba has the highest ascent of any road in Britain, rising to 2054 feet and leading to the Applecross peninsula. The tight hairpin bends and single track road gives a feeling of adventure and excitement, with plenty of those 'stomach in your mouth' moments! The views look over the Atlantic Ocean and the Isle of Skye, plus much more.

Making the ascent

Looking over the sweeping landscape, almost at the top

Wrapping up warm against the chill, a huge contrast after the record breaking high temperatures of the previous week!

View from the summit- Skye, Eigg and Rum


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

What magnificent terrain! You're looking good Rach!

This is me, Duncan D. Horne, visiting you from the A-Z challenge, wishing you all the best throughout April and beyond.

Duncan In Kuantan

Fidelia Sawai Horne said...

Welcome back Rach!

Rachel said...

Thanks Dunc and Fie! It's stunning isn't it? I am very lucky to be able to see it!

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Yes it is stunning! It's so good to be able to explore.

Rachel said...

I'm a lucky girl because I'm going back next month too!!!