Wednesday, 18 April 2012

April A-Z Blogging Challenge: O


It has been an extremely overcast day here in Leicester, UK, today. However, it didn't quite look as appealing as this (my views home in Leicester consist of two brick walls and a frosted window pane):

I quickly shot these two images on a blustery beach in the highlands on the evening we arrived there. For reasons you can see, I didn't keep my camera out in these conditions for long!

These grey, overcast skies are a common feature here; Scotland is renowned for them! I am astonished at how it seems to add to the scene in front of you rather than detract from it.


Rhia Roberts said...

These are beautiful photos.
Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (about # 776 on A to Z list)

DayDreamer said...

You are so right that the weather conditions add rather than detract anything from the scene. It makes it all so much more dramatic looking.

Jennifer @ Solo Travel Girl said...

I definitely agree, the overcast day makes it seem more dramatic and stunning.

Grammy said...

Hi, there, OH, Bonny Scotland... how I have dreamed of goin' there. My family (part of it) came from the Highlands of Scotland. I was born a Campbell, and I suppose I'll ne'er get over there, but I can dream, can't I? Others of my family are from the Cherokees of North Carolina. I live, of course, in the USA.
Thank you for the lovely pictures. It is stormy here today in the great state of Texas. I am transplanted Tennessean, don't you know? Well, that is enough of me. Just takin' part in the A to Z challenge. Best regards to you.
Ruby aka Grammy

Tara Tyler said...

i heard thats the best lighting for outdoor photography!

and scotland is beautiful! visited there as a teen =)

Rachel said...

Rhia, Daydreamer, Jennifer, Ruby and Tara- thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments! Scotland certainly is a beautiful place, even when it's grey and rainy!