Wednesday, 7 March 2012

'The Laramie Project'

Me and a few friends from my University group have been privileged to work with Curve theatre in Leicester for the last month or so. We had been asked to document the rehearsals of' 'The Laramie Project', which is a play acted by students from DeMontfort University, showing later this month, and also create a group shot of the entire cast to be used as web banners for DMU's web page for this production. I have personally attended three sessions of rehearsals, as well as having a hand in the group cast shot, which has proved to be an interesting experience! We have battled challenges with lighting and exposure due to the environment we have been given, however, we have worked through it! Here is a glimpse of what I have achieved.

*The Laramie Project: a collaboration between Curve theatre and De Montfort University.

The Laramie Project will run from 12th-17th March at Curve theatre, Leicester.*

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