Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mary Jean Harmony Kenyon

My sweet Gran passed away this weekend. She had been battling with illness for such a long time. I am happy she can rest now. Although she hadn't been herself for years, this is how I remember her-

I took this photo of her just before illness crept in and took over her life. My cousin and I had been playing around with her, dressing her up in hats and posing her, and she just did it all for us! 
I will always remember Saturday morning shopping trips and outings to the park afterwards and sleepovers with chicken and chips- she'd always burn the beans in the saucepan, every time! She drove me to every orthodontist appointment I had, took me on holidays to Cromer, Aberystwyth and Scarborough and let me slide down her stairs in sleeping bags, wearing out her carpet! She looked after me when I was off school with chicken pox, she taught me how to knit, even buying me my first needles and wool. She would play endless games with me, like hide the pegs, dominoes and even ping pong over her kitchen table, one which my brothers enjoyed too. She baked scones and cookies with me and let me put as much icing and decorations on them as I liked. She let me use her clothes horses and blankets to build dens with and served me my dinner inside them whilst watching WWF wrestling videos with my brothers (that's what happens when you grow up with two older brothers!) There are so many more things I could write, but these are my fondest memories.
Then she got ill, moved into sheltered housing, and eventually into a nursing home in Milton Keynes. I don't remember her as being ill though, I remember her as I have described above. She was the best Grandma anybody could ask for and I'm so glad she was mine! I can't be sad that she is gone now because although I miss her as she used to be, I know I'll see her again.

My Gran, my Mum and me. Do you see the resemblance?

See what my brother, Duncan has to say about our dear Gran here.


Joanna Horne said...

Beautiful. I'm so happy my children knew and loved their Grandma so much and that they have SO many happy memories of her.
My Mum was beautiful inside and outside.

Heidi Liz said...

The resemblance is uncanny, even the photo above looks so much like you and your Mum!

I am glad that you had so many fond memories of your grandmother, she sounds absolutely perfect.

i am sorry for your loss Rachey. xxxx

Fidelia Sawai Horne said...

I think the nose Rach!