Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Digital Portfolio

I am quite proud of this! It is a bit basic at the minute, but I like to think of it as a masterpiece in the making! I have created a 'digital portfolio' as part of a University Project I am finishing up. It is only relevant to this project, however I am keen to extend it to include my full range of wedding, portrait and event photography, and add more specific categories for each area.
Each of the three buttons can be clicked to take you to a professional slideshow of my photographs, and when ended, returns automatically to this home screen.

I hope to extend it as soon as possible!

*Update- This is just a screenshot and is not interactive, sorry!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Before and After

I haven't done this on here before!

You've been shooting a very happy bride and groom outside, in mid December, in the freezing cold, for the last half an hour. Your toes have completely frozen and your fingers are painfully numb. You finish up and rush inside to the welcomed warmth, whilst turning around quickly to grab shots of the wedding party walking back through the door. In your sheer relief of the chance to thaw your feet and your inner urgency to capture every moment, you might just forget to adjust your manual settings on your DSLR to accommodate  the change in light from outside to inside. You might just do that and end up with an exposure similar to that on the left here...poop! 
Here is where my thanks and gratitude overflows for the wonderful creation of PHOTOSHOP! If it wasn't for this magical programme, I would still be cursing myself for my forgetfulness with this image! It is thanks to photoshop that this grossly underexposed photograph was able to be corrected and showcase what a beautiful image it is- shot in the moment, oozing with the excitement of the bride, the relief of the bridesmaid and the sheer delight of the groom, shown in the photograph on the right! Add a slight sepia overlay and you are left with a truly timeless image.

Thank you photoshop, your presence in my life is greatly appreciated!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Preece Wedding Book

I've been lacking in my posts on here since the new year, apologies to you! I get a bit subdued in winter with the dark mornings, dark evenings and dull days. My motivation diminishes a bit, plus I've been swamped with university work. Hand-in week is always an overload of finishing and presenting work for marking, everything else seems to be forced to take a back seat.

I have a few spare moments now to show the pictures of a complimentary wedding photo book I offer with the majority of my wedding packages, this one for the Preece Wedding I shot earlier in November 2011.

Jon and Emee, this will be on it's way to you soon!

Rachel C Photography is definitely wishing for an early spring!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Normanton Church

We are now a week into this new year, and to start off my 2012 posts, here are some shots of Normanton Church from a trip to Rutland Water this weekend. I've never seen a church quite like it. It was a clear crisp day, freezing cold, and the church is in the perfect setting- this place is licensed to hold weddings, so if anyone wants to get married here, PLEASE let me be your photographer! It would be a dream!