Saturday, 31 December 2011

Reflecting on 2011

Another year passes, another annual blog post to compose, another significant and surprising 12 months for Rachel C Photography to reflect upon!

First, to remind you of my blog post a year ago today.
I spoke about events that took place each month of last year. I hinted at some things that, to the most discerning ones among you, will have become pretty clear over these last several months. I said I reached and surpassed my goal I had set the year before, to become a fulfilled photographer, so what was left for me to do in the coming year; what would I be in 2011?

I can’t really say I had no idea what was in store for me this year. It was very unexpected, that I can say confidently, but to be completely innocent to it would be slightly misleading! Maybe I didn’t know how much of what was to happen, would actually happen- if that makes sense! And maybe I couldn’t fully believe it until it actually happened.

This year has been more about how I have developed and grown, it has not focused just on my photography work, which it was mostly last year.

A year ago to the day, this was me:

-Welcoming in the New Year with my brother and a glass of Shloer at my home of 21 years. Was I happy? Yes. Was I ready for a new year? Yes. Did I want to be in this same position again in 365 days time? Truthfully, No! But that could only be determined as long as a certain thing worked out as planned...

...7 ½ months down the line, after just 3 more months of being alone, but not lonesome anymore (there is a HUGE difference between the meaning of those two words!), and after the happiest and most intense whirlwind summer of my life, this was me:

-Dressed in a beautiful, bright white gown, minutes away from walking down the aisle into the arms of my tender, loving groom. Who would have thought?! I have to laugh to myself out of sheer bewilderment because it was so unexpected, yet I somehow found myself so prepared for it.

2011 for me has seen the ending of a moment in time that then led straight to the beginning of the rest of my forever. I can’t say that anything is coming to an end now, never mind if a new year is here, because now there is no end to me- everything continues- I continue, my life continues and everything I do leads into eternity.

I continue, my life continues and everything I do leads into eternity- with this truly remarkable man:

It is because of this kind and gentle man that I am me now. He has unselfishly loved every part of me. He saw me when nobody else did.

So what was I to be in 2011? Yes, not even being a photographer is any comparison to what I am in 2011, and for every year that comes after, with no end. I am a wife. I am an eternal companion. I am what I was pre-designed to be. I am me.

~*HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!*~

I do have to take a few moments to reflect on my photography achievements of this year, since, after all, this is my photography blog!

Amongst researching, developing and presenting finished images for University projects, I have been able to:
*Shoot an event and celebration for the LDS church in the Leicester area and smaller events within this group
*Photograph a famous vintage steam train railway in Loughborough
*Shoot in parts of England my eyes have never seen before
*Complete summer portraits of little Louie for my fun sized friend, Heidi
*Sell a number of images from a Leicester primary school shoot I completed last year to the University of Leicester, School of Education, for use on their promotional materials
*Have my images adorn the walls of wonderful family’s homes
*Photograph the beautiful landscapes and sights of the Scottish Highlands
*Shoot a wedding in Glen Parva for a lovely bride, her groom and adorable baby boy
*Photograph the Union Strikes in Leicester City Centre, from which one image was selected for publication in ‘the demon’ newspaper
*Photograph the wedding of my brother-in-law and his bride in Ewloe, Wales and Preston Temple, Chorley

Here’s the pick of the best image from each shoot of 2011 by Rachel C Photography. For a full selection, visit my facebook page!

 You know what is left now…

….What will I be in 2012?!


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Rach, very nice post to sum up 2011. I'm so glad you and Peter are together and that you're happy with him! Being a photographer, the turn of a year is quite exciting as to me it signals an opportunity to IMPROVE myself and explore new places and styles of photographing. Do you feel the same?

Fidelia Sawai Horne said...

Happy New Year Rach! Glad it has been a great 2011 for you! 2011 has been a great year for Duncan and I too.