Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Accusations and backstabbing

I had a not so nice morning 'surprise' today when I opened my viewers list...

Let me tell you some things.
I started photography seriously way back in 2006. Since then I have developed this welcomed talent into something that is now proving to be more than just a hobby- it is, honestly, a money-maker for me, and a full career if I choose to take it that way. I am currently in the middle of my second year at University working to graduate with a BA(hons) degree in Photography and Video.

When people try to 'rat-you-out' or 'dump you in it'- not just any person, but an immature wannabe who has done nothing but copy and steal your ideas from the beginning, it becomes more than frustrating and more than something to just ignore. 

I have been accused of stealing work from somebody else...accused by a person who does nothing but copy all my ideas. How ironic is that? (yes, THIS is the correct usage of the word 'ironic', and the issue of this person copying me has even been brought up by a 10 year old!). But the thing is, this person didn't think I would find out. They were sneaky. Ha! I'm not thick.

What I don't understand is, why try to backstab someone who you yourself claim to be "a very special person", someone you supposedly "admire for her personality, passion and love for photography", and someone you describe as "truly amazing"? It doesn't make sense, only in the way that this person must be very two-faced. And very immature. To say you have "come across a site" that has supposedly stolen work is a gross understatement when this person seems to follow my blog religiously. 

It's interesting that it has come about at this particular time as the work I am accused of stealing is actually an image I saw floating around the world of facebook, and borrowed it to make a point about certain people, this person included. I have not claimed to have shot this image, nor written the quote. The original source is clearly visible, it is a part of the image. How then am I stealing it and claiming it as my own? I would not do that, I already know a bit of what that feels like.

I am fed up of biting my tongue. I am not a confrontational person, it is just not me. I have mentioned before that sometimes I am not so good with words, but right now is definitely a time when words come easily.

This person will know who they are. I implore now- LEAVE ME ALONE.


DMUser said...

I think the person that tried to get you into any trouble either doesn't think, or maybe even has something wrong with them! Seriously just ignore them, some people are pathetic and just need to grow up! Very inspiring post.

DMUser said...

It's clear you haven't done anything wrong, I can see the website on the photo and you haven't claimed it to be yours nor have you even attempted to emulate the photos style or message! Whoever it is should look closer and educate themselves a little more! If anything you will have generated more traffic to the owner of the image.

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Yeah, by displaying that particular image complete with the website where it came from, you are in fact generating extra traffic to that site.

Someone created a facebook page entitled "The Zenith Hotel" and I just recently realised they are using one of my photos as their profile image! At first I was quite bemused about it since I never received any request nor gave any permission for them to use it. However, my watermark displaying my blog address is pasted all across the picture, so if anything, people who see it may well go to my blog to see more!

To be on the safe side, I would definitely (in small print) credit where an image was taken from and give the full link back to the site, if it is borrowed from somewhere.

Rach, your post today is very well written!

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

I just explored that kushandwizdom tumblr page and one can actually go there, browse the pictures and share them all over the internet, so you have done absolutely nothing wrong at all! So don't worry about it - they've got absolutely nothing on you!

Fidelia said...

All I want to say to this person is (in my language) "Nang babi!"

Concerned blogger said...

Hi I'm not sure if you know this but I've spotted a site that has copied your images, not sure if they've asked for permission or not but it seems to me they've copied your images. I'm saying this as I love your work ;) xx

Concerned blogger said...

btw here is the link
there is one of your pictures on that display ;)xx

Rachel said...

Thanks to all of you, DMUser, Duncan D. Horne, Fidelia and Concerned blogger. I appreciate your comments and support.
DMUser, your comments are very true!
Dunc, thanks! The words seemed to flow quite easily!
Fidelia, I am interested to know what your comment translates to!
Concerned blogger, thank you for the link, I have been well aware of it for months now but nothing seems to put a stop to it.

Joanna Horne said...

Do you think someone is jealous of your talents and abilities as a photographer? How sad.

ευαγγελια said...

I really really hope i haven't caused you any worries... If all this happened because i borrowed the last picture without asking, it' s because i spotted it's not yours and i've written your address under the post.
Anyway, iam very sorry for everything that's giving you worries.
Hope things go well...
Love your work!

Rachel said...

Please don't worry! It is not you that has caused any of this at all, it's someone that I know and they know now how much unnecessary trouble they have caused. Anyone is free to use the image I posted last week, I'm happy you were able to share it in your blog too!
Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

I have looked at the link that Concerned Blogger posted and looking at the comparisons, does not look like any kind of copy at all. I'm sorry if you see it differently but I believe that it is a completely different capture, as the angle is different and it used a completely different textured effect. Just my opinion.

Stephen500 said...
Posted in wrong comments before.
See link above for copyright infringement.

Rachel said...

Anonymous, doesn't really matter if it is a different angle or texture, what I am saying is this person copies all my IDEAS, not my actual photographs to pass them off as their own...everything I post seems to be badly 're-created' on this person's blog. Funny how that photograph appeared when I posted the exact same scene over a year before! The person was well aware of it.
Stephen500, thanks for the link!

DMUser said...

'Anonymous' From what I see it looks like a copy of work I've seen on Rachel's blog before, it seems like that blogger needs to get their own style! Well I wouldn't say all of it is copying Rachel because it isn't up to her standards, just trying to be fair and balanced here.