Sunday, 15 May 2011


I feel the need to repost my 'Copycats' post from 14 July 2010.

"Don’t you just hate it when you’ve spent a lot of time and effort pondering something over in your mind, then exerting more effort and passion into making the idea a reality, only for someone much less experienced and utterly shameless to rip it out from under your nose and totally disgrace it in an undignified manner?

Well, it has happened to me. I feel absolutely violated, yet completely embarrassed for that person. After months of so-called ‘biting my lip’ and ‘turning the other cheek’, my tolerance of the situation has reached its breaking point and I am no longer sure if my patience can stretch this far. I am almost certain that one more pitiful episode like those already produced will pretty much tip me over the edge…

I usually run by the theory that being emulated is flattering and complimentary, but when it comes to my photography, you don’t mess. I take great pride in it and employ all the time and energy I have in to making it enjoyable not just for me, but for others too. I take time to think about what I am showcasing through my lens, so when someone comes along and steals it, it’s like making a cheap rip-off of me. It’s Primark making an £8 tacky copy of a delicately hand-beaded, beautifully detailed Karen Millen dress.

Photography is my life.
I have already had that messed with enough.

So please, don’t blatantly copy my work. It spoils it for me. It spoils it even more for you."

I would also like to add to this post now. Plagiarism applies to photographs too. Even if it's subtle, it still means the same thing.

I am reposting one of my favourite images I have made. I used it in my portfolio as part of my university interview a year ago. It was taken in early January 2010 so it is one of my older pieces but still a strong favourite too.

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