Thursday, 19 May 2011

The last 2 months

A little while ago I created a post about the last 8 days. I have great need to give an update on that now as things have progressed in the most wonderful way!...

I am engaged! As of last month! Life is grand. Life is more than I ever expected but all I ever wanted.
A friend of mine took our engagement photographs today which I then edited, so credit goes to Mick Howard for these!

It's hard when you're a photographer yourself to entrust somebody else with your own photographs, but Mick has done a brilliant job here and we are both very happy with the results!

All that remains to say is I am in love.
And I have someone that loves me back in exactly the same way.
I am very blessed!

P.S- If anyone is looking for some engagement photos or couple shots, I found some well good locations to shoot at today!


Duncan D. Horne said...

Well Mick certainly did a good job with those pictures! They look great!

Duncan In Kuantan

Anna said...

Congratulations xx

Rachel said...

Thanks Anna!