Tuesday, 8 March 2011

You would not believe your eyes...

...if 10 million fireflies
lit up the walls as I fell asleep...

These are those little annoying flies you get in the summertime...they are one of the only things I dislike about warmer weather, I never saw the point in them if they just flutter around in little groups that swarm your head as you walk by....yesterday evening, strolling through the fields, their meaning was made so clear to me, and I shot the evidence! Look how beautiful they look in golden sunlight! They look like little magical fairies dancing around, shining and sparkling in the evening sun. I am very grateful for manual focus that allowed me to capture these minuscule creatures in all their glory yesterday evening.

I decided to have a little play around with lens flare too (and my beloved fisheye). Although these are not the most attractive or organised shots, I am in love with the flare my lens picked up. I am a lover of lens flare, I feel a photograph is enhanced by it, not blemished.

I finished with a shot of the trees overhanging the little stream running through Glenfield, glowing an amazing colour of burnt golden oranges and pale pinks.

Everything looks so much more attractive and welcoming in the sunshine.

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