Friday, 7 January 2011


I was just browsing through some old photos I took a couple of months ago and came across this gem. After giving it some finishing touches, I can't believe I overlooked it before! I love it when this happens though. I find it a lot that when I come back to shoots I can pick out one or two that hadn't caught my eye before, but almost instantly stand out to me the next time around. This particular shot was taken in my beloved fields on a freezing cold, foggy morning, as part of a university shoot. Everything seemed to be swamped in a thick grey mist but this tree shone out from underneath it and proudly displayed its remaining rust coloured leaves.

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Duncan D. Horne said...

Yes Rach, that's a lovely picture. I'll be documenting a whole host of pictures I've acquired of trees in Kuantan, later in the month. Look out for it!