Monday, 31 January 2011

After a hurricane comes a rainbow

I was just thinking about life whilst listening to Katy Perry 'Firework' in the lyric that caught my attention was, 'after a hurricane comes a rainbow'. I instantly personalised this and came out with the outcome that everyone has stormy patches in their lives, big and small, tough and bearable, yet we always come out the other end brighter, happier and stronger. Might not see it at first, but it always happens, as long as we persevere. I'm in the process of coming out the other end. My rainbow hasn't quite broken through the clouds yet, but I have a feeling it soon will.

No post is complete without a visual! On my way to Lake Jordanelle in Utah last summer, we set out through a rainstorm, dark rolling clouds threatening to spoil our boating trip, however soon after pulling up to the lake, the rain ceased and out came a beautiful rainbow. We were able to enjoy a short, but extremely pleasing sail :)

Keep looking for your rainbows to appear, it may take longer than we plan or would like, but they always break through!


Duncan D. Horne said...

Every day is a rainbow for me. It's just sometimes you can't quite see all of the colours as clearly as other days :)

When's this free copy of your book making it's way to Malaysia then?

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring.