Friday, 31 December 2010

Reflecting on 2010

Here it is again, we're on the cusp of another brand new year, which means it's time to reflect upon the last 12 months. In my last new year post, I wrote that I was going to make things happen for me at last, and I had a feeling it was going to be MY year. We all get hopeful at the beginning of a new year and pray for good things to happen, but I don't think I fully expected SO MANY good things to happen for me! 

I started by writing on my noticeboard, "I am going to be a photographer in 2010". I had a steady January and February, taking a trip to London with my brother. I also purchased a brand new camera at last, which made me a happy girl!

March was a particularly good month. Big celebrations took place which gave me the confidence I needed to make the decision to apply for University, studying Photography and Video. The University interview happened in April and I was accepted within the week! I felt like me again, which was wonderful.

In May I turned 21. I photographed the Christening of my friend's little boy and spent much needed time with them and other friends. June brought wedding fever as one of my best friends was sealed in the London Temple for Time and All Eternity to her own little family.

July and August seemed to go by in a blur. I know I had a brilliant time. I bought another new, even better camera and some much needed equipment and photographed another Christening in July, and then was offered the chance to complete a 2 day photoshoot at a primary school in Leicester, in order to print massive canvases for the school corridors. Excited? Happy? Honoured? Yes, yes, YES!

In mid August I made the decision to vacate for a while...taking a MUCH needed trip back to Utah for the rest of summer. I cannot express how unbelievable it was to be there again, and under much happier circumstances this time! I honestly had the best summer of my life- hiking up mountains, taking roadtrips, working in my beautiful little English shop again, lazing by the pool, hot tubbing, strolling around Temple Square, boating, and of course spending time with some of the most amazing people on the planet and the new additions to their little families. This time away from home gave me the chance to realise that 'home' is where I am meant to be, that I didn't 'belong' in Salt Lake City any more. I still love the place, I still want to visit, but I don't belong there any more. And I know the reason why.

I returned home at the beginning of October, which meant it was time to start University! Since then, time has flown by, amidst making new friends, taking more trips to London and working hard, as well as photographing lots of beautiful family portraits. I can hardly believe it is 1st January 2011 tomorrow. The statement I wrote on my noticeboard at the beginning of the year has now been changed to, "I AM a photographer in 2010". I achieved what I wanted because I was determined to do it. I have been very blessed in other areas of my life too, blessings that I hope will last for a long, long time. It's not all been easy, nothing ever is, but things are starting to look up for me at last and I am completely excited for, and have confidence in this new year. 

All that remains for me to ask now is, "What will I be in 2011?"

I picked out my best photo of each month in 2010, after a real tough time trying to choose! Also, visit my facebook page and you can view my selection of photos from 2010, with images from all my photoshoots this year.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope it is a fabulous one! Please come back in the new year and see brand new, exciting stuff from Rachel C Photography!

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