Friday, 1 October 2010

Snow Family: Utah Family Photographer

On my very last evening in Salt Lake City, just before I left for the airport in the morning, I was privileged to complete a set of family portraits for the Snows. The Snows had been so kind to me during my stay, letting me use their laptop, swim in their pool and chill in their hot tub :) I'm so happy to have been able to help them out with some photos. It makes my job so easy when the models are as cute, beautiful and handsome as this. I won't say it isn't difficult to shoot with 9 children under the age of 9, the youngest being only 6 months old, but I think the little moments that may occur during shooting make the photographs especially personal to that particular family. They'll each look back on their photos and remember.
What I'm trying to say is, it's ok if a baby screams for a while, or a toddler throws a temper tantrum- they're only little! And it's hard work for them to keep still for an amount of time. These guys did great though. Certainly one of my favourite families!

By the way, I just passed the one year mark on my blog! Thank you to all who have viewed, commented and supported me with my blog in the last year. The time has gone so fast! I'd love to keep hearing from you during the next however many years too, don't be shy to leave a comment or a suggestion!

Also, exciting thing happened for me today! The photos I took for Caldecote Primary School in Leicester have been printed and displayed on massive canvases along the school corridors and I was able to go and view them! To see my work that big and in that way was quite a feeling! I was amazed. And so CHUFFED!

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