Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My beloved cornfields

I've been working on this for months and months!
I have visited the cornfields near my house every week or so for a long time now. Last Autumn, I was walking along the country paths with my brother and saw the corn growing tall and strong in the fields. A couple of days later I went back to get some photos, only to find it had been harvested already! I couldn't believe it! I thought to myself, 'I can't wait a whole year for that to happen again!' I have watched as the fields have turned from desolation, boasting only the abandoned dead stalks from the previous harvest, to being tilled ready for seed sowing again, to new growth shooting up in neat, tidy rows. And now here I am, almost a year later, with photos showcasing it at it's most impressive once again.
I cannot help but compare this to my own life...from being left desolate and cut up, I mustered up the strength to 'till' my life, ready to plant seeds that are now gradually growing stronger and mightier, and I am just beginning to reap the rewards.
I love being in this place. It makes me happy.

The following sets of photos show the growth of the corn over the weeks. I also included photos of me standing in between the rows to make it clearer how much it grew week to week.

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