Tuesday, 6 July 2010

THIS is dedication.

You get two posts today, because I can't wait to post these photos :)

So a couple of Sundays ago, actually, the day England were eliminated from the world cup (groan), Amy was scheduled to give her first talk at Church. Due to other commitments, her husband had to stay at home with the children, so how does she travel to Church? She gets on her trusty bike in her pencil dress and heels, handbag slung over the handlebar, and PEDALS! Dedication or what?! Full make-up, curled hair and manicured nails, cycling under the boiling hot sun, and yet she still managed to look perfection! She is such an inspiration to me! And she also gave a fab talk too. Amy, you're flippin' great!

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Prad Savania said...

Hey, I saw that your from Leicester! So am I!

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