Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Amy and Eddie's Sealing Part 4

Part 4, The most important photos of the trip! Amy's dress is stunning. I'll let you into a secret about it...she found it in a charity shop for £25! Of course we altered it though...we chopped off the long sleeves, attached veil/train and the sheer high neckline, added a t-shirt underneath for little cap sleeves and made a corset in the back of it so it fit her figure beautifully. I cannot believe what a great find it was! Fee did a wonderful job with her flowers too,l. The sun was so hot and bright, yet it only gave me a little problematic lens flare in a few of photos. It was difficult getting the children to co-operate as they were constantly running around! But I managed to get a few key family portraits of them that turned out unexpectedly brilliant!

Forever Family

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