Sunday, 6 June 2010

Amy and Eddie's Sealing Part 1

I have sooo many photos from this last I'll be posting them in little groups. This first group were taken on the Thursday afternoon and evening, before, during and after arriving at the London Temple.

I arrived at Amy's house to find Erin waiting patiently, wearing her sunhat and backpack filled with toys she'd chosen to play with on the 3 hour journey, which was so cute because we still had about 3 1/2 hours before we set out!
Yummy mummy!

A quick pit stop at Asda to buy some snacks for the journey.

We drive past Luton and Heathrow airports on our way to the Temple, so there's always low flying aeroplanes overhead. I was a bit far away from this one, but it's not a bad photo for sticking my arm out of the sunroof, unable to see with the sun shining on my screen!

We all gathered in the Temple accommodation dining room for dinner after arriving.

Rolling down the hills in the Temple grounds after dinner!

A stunning view of the Temple all lit up at dusk.

Next up, Friday morning: before entering the Temple

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