Tuesday, 22 June 2010

World Cup fever in Leicester

I have realised I haven't posted anything on the World Cup yet...maybe that's not such a bad thing considering how poorly England have played so far....but I did want to mention how impressed I am at the support Leicester  is showing for our country. This is the view we get walking through Leicester City Centre. I personally think these flags should be a permanent fixture, not just for 4 weeks every 4 years. I am pleased to say that my England flag is flying out of the front window of my home, along with many others I've seen. 

England have one more chance to show the world what they can do in our match against Slovenia on Wednesday. I'd love a win...but if we get sent home early from South Africa, I'm blaming it on the appalling behaviour of some of the England squad in the last year or two...Jacob 2:35, I think that explains it all!

Kew Gardens: Treetop Walkway

The treetop walk was quite a structure. Designed to look like tree trunks, this walkway enabled us to walk up high among the tops of the trees, giving us a view over Kew Gardens, and far off into the distance, the centre of London itself. The planes seemed to fly overhead lower than ever, almost as if we could reach out and touch them. We did not spend much time up here, however, due to the fact that every time we stood still, we felt the structure sway in the breeze... and being 18 metres up, it was not a very reassuring feeling! It was perfectly safe, but we were not the only ones to feel less than secure up there!

Kew Gardens: Sackler Crossing

Sackler Crossing is a modern, sophisticated looking bridge giving passage over a beautiful stream running through Kew Gardens. Partly lined by reeds and rushes, it also seems to be home to some cute, fluffy little ducklings who co-operated well with my picture taking (although their parents were looking at me very sternly at one point!) 

I just wanted to take one of these home with me!

Off to the left was the path that led to the Treetop walk, which will feature shortly on my blog :)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Princess Erin

The Monday before Eddie and Amy's Sealing, we were having a dress fitting for Amy and decided to put Erin   in her little dress and hairband for a few photos. She looked so sweet and innocent, and she even posed for me, so I feel very privileged! She has such a little doll face! Here's what I got..

Friday, 18 June 2010

Kew Gardens: Princess of Wales Conservatory (Butterflies)

Another magical scene at Kew Gardens. There aren't really any words to do it justice, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kew Gardens: Princess of Wales Conservatory (Flowers)

This was such a huge conservatory with lots of different sections and environments. These are a selection of the flowers located here. The second part of this post will be photographs of the butterfly rooms, which was one of my favourite places along with the waterlily house.

Love the colours and patterns on these orchids.