Friday, 21 May 2010

The purpose of a Bee

 Summer! Give me sunshine, give me warmth, give me light nights, bikinis and sunglasses and I'm happy! But once a bee or wasp buzzes past my ear, I'm straight back into the house or under cover! I always wondered what the purpose of a bee was if all it seemed to do was put a damper on your picnic by landing on your food and stinging you. Now I am a bit more understanding after seeing one through my macro lens. They're still ugly, I personally feel, but look at the way they were created! They're fuzzy, they have see-through wings that look as delicate as tissue paper, but manage to get them from A to B(ee) (sorry!) without difficulty. Pollen gets stuck in their fuzziness, which is then brushed off and deposited on other flowers, making it possible for that flower to reproduce in time for next spring/summer. They have a nuzzly thing that collects nectar, so if we didn't have bees, we wouldn't have honey and all the delicious things made with that product. So, I have come to realise that bees do have a purpose. They have a purpose to fulfil on earth, just like every human does.

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