Saturday, 21 November 2009

November Temple trip

I think by now you can guess that I like being at the London Temple just a bit :) Gorgeous surroundings, peaceful atmosphere.

Funny little duck!
I'd never been this far back into the Temple grounds before. Can't think why, because the view was beautiful.

*Note to self: Wear flat shoes next time you decide to take a nice stroll on the soggy grass!


Joanna Horne said...

My little London Temple ducky is looking delightful, even with his bottom up in the air! I'm just so sad that he's the only duck there, he needs an eternal partner. Oh, perhaps he has one and she's gone on ahead :)

(this could only be "yer Mam")

Duncan D. Horne said...

We sometimes need to take a deep breath and step back.
Yes the picture of the temple from deep in the grounds is a great one. I think I will try that myself with some things in Kuantan.